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Our catering and party tray selections are perfect for meetings at the office, client presentations, friend and family gatherings, graduations, birthday parties, home or office parties and pharmaceutical meetings.

Light refreshing Sushi from SUSHI HOUSE is always a great way to dress up a party table. Party trays are available at any time with a complete selection of sushi, appetizers and entrees.

For full catering service, please contact us for details.

Phone#: 513-829-8333 


P.Edamame    $14.95

Boiled Soy Beans with Salt.

P.Spring Rolls   $15

Japanese Spring Roll(15 PCs)

Call 513-829-8333

P. Crab Rangoon  $39.95 

Fried Crabrangoon (45 pcs)

Call 513-829-8333 or

P. Pork Gyoza  $39.95

PS-3   67 Pcs Rolls Comb.


California Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Philly Roll, Alaskan Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Yellowtail Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Salmon Skin Roll, Eel Avocado Roll

PS-1    42 Pcs Veg Rolls Comb.


Cucumber Roll, Asparagus  Roll, Avocado Roll, Sweet Potato  Roll, Mango Avocado Roll,Vegetable Roll,Inari Avocado Roll(Tofu Skin).

PS-4  48 Pcs Special Roll Comb.


City Roll, Amazing California Roll,Sakura Roll, Spider Roll,

Fantastic Roll 

PS-2   46 Pcs Roll Comb. (cooked sushi)


California Roll, Philly Roll, Chicken Tempura Roll, Salmon Skin Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll,City Roll.

PS-5  37 Dragon Supreme Comb.


Dragon Roll, Red Dragon Roll, Nigiri Sushi (3 pcs Tuna, 3 pcs Salmon, 3 pcs red snapper, 3 pcs Shrimp, 3 pcs Surf Clam, 3 pcs yellowtail, 3 pcs Crab Meat)