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Sushi House(We will be closed on Christmas Day)

Sushi House is a place that you can relax and enjoy your meal; no matter what kind of weather it is. We have sushi, hibachi and a variety of other Japanese Cuisine here at Sushi House. We get our supplies from a Japanese supplier that provides us with the best Japanese technology for our sushi rolls. Everything is locally grown to make our sauce, or getting our fish and seafood from the east coast and delivered all the way here to our restaurant. We get our rice from our Japanese supplier all the way from Japan. So the rice is locally grown in Japan instead of here in the states.

Our food is the freshest no matter what day or time you come in. We are also doing specials during the week expect for Mondays; where we are closed so that our workers have a day off. We have specials during Tuesdays through Thursdays every week. We also do specials and will be sent to you by email if you join our loyalty program (sign up in store or online). More specials will be posted on Facebook, Instagram or by email. So stop by today at Sushi House in Fairfield, Ohio! 

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