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Fire Bomb & Fall in Spicy Roll

Welcome To Sushi House Asian Grill Fairfield, Ohio!

Our restaurant located in 510 Nilles Road , Fairfiled,OH 45014 which is serves the quality of fish we can get around the east coast. It is has been 6 years of journey with trusted people around us.  We offer menus for Lunch and Dinner, with a wide array of fresh food such as Hibachi,Sushi,Salad,Soup and more.Within years of its opening, we has been recognized for its quality of food and excellent service. It is important for us to make sure that our customers taste what it is like from Japan. Our sauces are always made fresh ingredients from  kitchen, provide the best quality and taste.Try our delicious food today!


The common ingredient across all kinds of sushi is sushi rice. Variety arises from fillings, toppings, condiments and preparation.Traditional versus contemporary methods of assembly may create very different results from very similar ingredients .Ingredients  can be cooked and uncooked arranged artfully on top of the sushi rice. Moreover sushi roll can be fried to become crunchy which is popular in today. Like as Sunday morning roll, Godzilla roll, City roll and  more.

Type of Hibachi

our restaurant offers types of hibachi cooked in the kitchen which is much convenient for ordering , even more taste result than cooked in your front. In addition , can be save your time for waiting seat.The selection of hibachi protein include New York strip steak, fillet steak, chicken and seafood like salmon, scallops ,lobsters,  shrimp, which is  serve with ginger dressing salad and soup that is much value in today.

Come in, say Hi, pick up your food...

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